Stress & Anxiety Coaching and Counselling for Introverted People

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Stress & Anxiety Coaching and Counselling for Introverted People

I help anxious, hard working introverts find success at work and at home.

People see you as a hard worker, someone who’s dedicated and reliable.

You have high standards for yourself and work hard to achieve them.

You have accomplished most things you put your mind to when it comes to academics and work, as you have this knack to deeply focus to get things done.

On the outside, it looks like you have a good life; good job, good income, partner and kids.

But no one really knows what goes on inside of you.

If you shared with others just how anxious and worried you are, they might be surprised because you keep it so well contained.

If you shared how you struggle to fall asleep at night because you can’t stop worrying about the awkward conversation that happened at work, people might be surprised to know that you struggle like this.

You’re ready to stop living a life full of anxiety and constant worry. Your’re ready to start looking at what prevents you from letting people get closer to you.

If you’re feeling exhausted from the constant worry, anxiety, and keeping it all contained, then you’ve come to the right place.

I understand the unique combination of introversion, anxiety, hard working, and loneliness.

You Want to See Progress

These are the most common reasons Introverts
come to see me:

Seeking better relationships
Overwhelming feelings (irritation, anger, sadness)

These are the most common results they experience:

Able to now identify what makes them anxious and what tools work best to manage the anxiety
Increase in self-confidence
Increase in self-esteem
Have a better understanding of why they are so private and how this impacts relationships

As introverts, before we decide to do something, we want to know what the benefit will be. You aren’t looking to book a session just to talk; you need to know there is a point to the conversation, that you are progressing towards your goals.

To help with this, goal setting is part of the work. This helps the conversation be focused, purposefully, as well as insightful for you.

To avoid the time consuming trying to connect to book a free consult, there is the option of booking online as well as the ability to do online therapy in case you can’t make it to my office or are not local to my area.

Please take a look around and if you like what you see, give me a call or schedule a free no obligation 30 minute phone consult.

I’d love to help you get started today.

Here Are My Specialties:


Overwhelm, overthinking, insomnia, and stress have always been there, leaving you in a constant state of worry. Therapy will help you identify the underlying patterns that keep you stuck and actionable steps to help reduce the anxiety.

Building Sustainable Relationships

You struggle with social anxiety, being social awkward, and not coming across well. You have seen numerous relationships fail both professionally and personally. You’ve tried to improve but only have had success with a small group of people. You are tired of failed relationships and are ready to learn introvert-specific ways of connecting.

Work Performance

You are committed to your work and love working independently. One of your strengths is coming up with unique solutions. The actual work has never been a struggle for you. It’s the social game that trips you up. And you have worked long enough to see the downside to not fitting in socially at work, regardless of how good you are at what you do.

What Makes Me Different?

“I would recommend Tracy to friends and family who feel trapped in their head, their life, or their situation, or to those who need someone to help them feel heard and like they exist. I would recommend Tracy to these people because she helped me feel freer by gently unwinding me. While I typically like to reflect alone, Tracy helped me continue with an internal process without feeling like there was an external force. So to that, I would also recommend her to those who like to work things out on their own, but need a little nudge out of a constricting inward/downward spiral.”

-H.T. introverted female