Counselling for Introverted and Highly Sensitive Adults & Teens and for those who crave a deeper understanding of why they struggle

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Stress & Anxiety Coaching and Counselling for Introverted People

I help introverted teens and adults deal with:



Grief and loss

Relationship Issues

Past trauma

Work issues

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Here Are My Specialties:


Adolescents is often seen as a time of socializing with large groups of friends several times a week. For introverted teens, they often have a very different experience. They can be overwhelmed by all the noise and activity of the hallways of junior high and high school, and for the high achievers, they are experiencing frequent bouts of anxiety even when they do well in school. These kids often feel different from their peers which can lead to isolation. I help my teen introverted clients learn way to manage anxiety and develop tools to better connect with peers.


It’s common for introverted adults to do well at work but struggle socially. They are often overlooked for promotions and other opportunities that will further their career. For some introverted people, there is even the fear of job loss as employers put pressure on them to be more social. Some of my introverted clients also struggle in relationships- either they lack meaningful connection or don’t know how to talk with their partner about difficult matters. They often feel invisible in these relationships. And then there is anxiety; living in a place of self-doubt and overthinking. I help my adult clients learn skills to build better relationships, tools to manage anxiety, and ways to show up at work that creates success. 


Parenting an introverted child or teen can be difficult. What I see in my practice is that the parents are often at a loss as to why their kids act in the way they do. Because these kids don’t act in the way we are told is ‘normal’, parents are unsure of when to be concerned. To help with this, I offer educational sessions for parents where I provide information on introverted kids and teens and offer tools that can be taken home and used.

What Makes Me Different?

“I would recommend Tracy to friends and family who feel trapped in their head, their life, or their situation, or to those who need someone to help them feel heard and like they exist. I would recommend Tracy to these people because she helped me feel freer by gently unwinding me. While I typically like to reflect alone, Tracy helped me continue with an internal process without feeling like there was an external force. So to that, I would also recommend her to those who like to work things out on their own, but need a little nudge out of a constricting inward/downward spiral.”

-H.T. introverted female