Being a teenager is filled with many ups and downs and can be a tricky world to navigate. In adolescents, this is when there is more opportunity to be out with friends, being more social.

For some teens this is not appealing at all. What happens for them is that they feel out of place among their friends and peers. For these kids, there is much to navigate that feels like too much.

There is the noise in the hallways.
There is the chaos in the hallways and classrooms.
There are lots of emotions and bad behaviour in the hallways, classrooms, and change rooms.

And for these kids, they see it all, maybe even feel it all. And it can be so overwhelming. These kids can be acutely aware of how different they are from the other more outgoing kids.

This often leads to an increase in anxiety, increase in negative self-talk, increase in withdrawing from friends and family.

I find with these kids, that they often feel isolated and misunderstood, but struggle to find words to express this.

How I help teens:

1. I explain to them about the impact of living in a world that feels too fast and loud.
2. I help them find language that describes how they are feeling.
3. I help them build skills to deal with their anxiety.
4. I help them learn ways to deal with being overwhelmed.

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