Being a teenager is filled with many ups and downs and can be a tricky world to navigate as a quiet teen.

Introverted teens often struggle with opening up when they are struggling. With so many thoughts in their head, they can feel too overwhelmed to share.

These are the teens and young adults I work with:

  • Quiet teens who seem to have bigger feelings than most
  • Their feelings tend to get hurt more easily and they can’t let things go
  • They become overwhelmed in groups or when rushed to do things
  • They tend to be introspective and are often more mature than their peers

They struggle with:

  • Friendships; either no friends or friendships where they aren’t treated well
  • School performance anxiety; even though they are doing well in school they still worry about their grades
  • Low motivation; instead of overperforming in school they underperform
  • Social anxiety; they worry endlessly about saying the right things that often they don’t say anything at all
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression 
  • Being overwhelmed with anxiety which is limiting what they can manage
  • Spending much of the time gaming and are socially withdrawn

How I Help Quiet Teens

I teach them internal strategies: 

  • How to manage overwhelming feelings
  • How to recognize negative thoughts
  • How to have better thoughts
  • How to recognize anxiety before it becomes too much

I teach them external strategies:

  • How to ask for help at school
  • How to make friends 
  • Self-care strategies
  • Tools to deal with social anxiety
  • Tools to deal with anxiety connected to school performance

I provide education on:

  • What introversion is
  • What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person
  • What works best for introverted, sensitive people
  • What environments are difficult for introverted, highly sensitive people

Parent Support

As needed, I meet with parents to share overall what strategies are being discussed and how parents can support the work of their teen.

As a quiet, sensitive person myself and a parent to two introverts and one extrovert, I know this world well. 

If you would like to learn more about how I can help, feel free to schedule a free consult.

Parent Testimonials


Testimonial #1

My son is a quiet introvert and was struggling with attendance at school due to his accompanying social anxiety disorder.

My son now has no issues with his attendance at school. I have seen his confidence increase and although the anxiety is still present, he is more able to cope and push through it.

My son has spoken positively about his counselling sessions with Tracy and states that she makes him feel like he is not alone.

Because Tracy is a quiet introvert herself, she fully understands my son’s issues and is better able to help him. This has been evident throughout our experience working with her.

Testimonial #2

My daughter was having some challenges with friendships with peer groups both in and out of school. The pandemic only exacerbated the issue. She had low self-confidence and didn’t trust that new people she met would genuinely like her for being her.

She had experienced some bullying/harassing behaviours from peers and was struggling to deal with it all and feeling very alone/isolated as a result. From a young age, she was receiving signals that there was something “wrong” with her because she was quiet and also tall for her age. This brought unwanted attention, that made her question her self worth and how she fit into the world.

I saw my daughter begin to understand that her personality (quiet and sensitive) was not only normal but also brings some welcomed diversity into the world. I saw her embracing her qualities and holding her head higher as a result. Tracy helped to explore the benefits and also provided a way for her to explore some of these very deeply held notions about herself and start to myth bust many of the narratives playing in her head.

Tracy provides a warm, comfortable, supportive atmosphere that helps my daughter to feel safe to share what is going on in her mind. Tracy also will share personal experiences that help her relate to the feelings/emotions/reactions my daughter might be having.

Tracy has provided me as the parent with an acknowledgement of how society, in general, sends mixed signals to quiet/sensitive people. I am much more aware of how my words/actions impact my daughter.

The support from Tracy has been invaluable and I know that both my daughter and I have grown for the better because of her support. During an already challenging year, I know we would not be in the place we are today without the help of Tracy.

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