Living Well & Being Social as an Introverted Teen and Young Adult

Quiet teens and young adults can struggle with social anxiety that impacts their confidence, causes stress with attending school, playing on a team sport, and with making friends.

A common reaction is to avoid situations that cause the anxiety which then can lead to isolation and minimal connections with others.

I know it doesn’t have to be like this. They can learn ways to manage the anxiety so they can find success at school and with friends.

The no-pressure support group for teenagers and young adults with social anxiety is enrolling now.

Here’s an example of common struggles of my introverted teen clients

Tasha, who just turned 13 has become used to not having friends.  She’s a likeable kid, treats others well but never really seems to be able to have a friendship that sticks around. She tells you that she never knows what to say to the other kids or she gets so nervous when she wants to say something but she just can’t get the words out.

And you see her losing confidence in herself. She wants to avoid things that she used to like to do. And it is sometimes hard to get her to leave her room or the house without a battle.

Not having friends has a significant impact on how quiet teens feel about themselves. They don’t like who they are. They feel like they are defective and wish they could be like the other kids.

This makes it so hard to be around the other kids.

So they start to avoid the other kids. This might be eating lunch on their own, withdrawing from a friendship, or refuse to go to school.

But avoiding situations that make them anxious, only makes it worse.

Without help, it can make the transition to university difficult. It makes dating difficult. It can impact them in their career as they head into adulthood.

That’s why I’ve created the Quiet Teenager Support Group…

Welcome to the Support Group for Teens and young adults

We want our teenagers to have close friends they can hang out with, to be able to ask for help at school without so much anxiety, to feel included, and to have big feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

This is exactly what begins to happen when we understand where our anxiety comes from and how to work with it.

Common Frustrations from my Introverted Teen Clients

  • Not liking themselves
  • Being self-critical
  • Experiencing loneliness
  • Accepting poor treatment from others in order to maintain a friendship
  • Constantly overthinking

From the Parent of One of my Teenage Clients

“My son is a quiet introvert and was struggling with attendance at school due to his accompanying social anxiety disorder. My son now has no issues with his attendance at school. I have seen his confidence increase and although the anxiety is still present, he is more able to cope and push through it. My son has spoken positively about his counselling sessions with Tracy and states that she makes him feel like he is not alone. Because Tracy is a quiet introvert herself, she fully understands my son’s issues and is better able to help him. This has been evident throughout our experience working with her.

Tracy makes him feel like he is not alone.”

What if your teenager could…

  • Hang out with friends without overwhelming anxiety
  • Get to sleep at night
  • Ask for help at school
  • Make new friends
  • Understand their feelings
  • Increase their confidence


The Quiet Teenager Support Group

A no-pressure support group for quiet teenagers to learn effective ways of connecting with others. A 6-week session beginning July 2021 is open for pre-enrollment with the link below.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

The next session will start in September.

The age groups are:
12-14 year old’s
15-17 year old’s
18-24 your old’s
There are 6 sessions total.

We will meet via Zoom.

Each group will have up to 8 participants.

Sessions will be structured. An email to be sent the day before with the agenda so participants will know what to expect.
I will share information on the topic, and then there will be time to do an exercise that will include reflecting and journaling, sharing your thoughts either through the chat or microphone.
Participation isn’t required but warmly encouraged. At no time will there be pressure to talk; each person gets to decide how they participate in the group.

One-time payment of $500
A refund is available before the second session.

Additional Support is Available

Parent Info Session

A Parent Info session will be offered after the third session. In the session information on social anxiety shared as well as tips on how best to support your teen. There will also be time to ask any questions you might have.


Your teen is able to email me at anytime with their questions in case they would like privacy on an issue that they need some support on.

Client Testimonials

Tracy’s kind and present demeanor, with her thoughtful questions and ability to hold space, would end up guiding me to somewhere I didn’t know I needed to go. I always left gaining a new perspective or insight because she asked questions when a question needed to be asked, and gave me (and my thoughts) the space to breathe and be internal when I needed the time to process.”

“I initially began to see Tracy to address ongoing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Working with her helped me to identify and work through emotional pain I had related to family relationships, interpersonal & romantic attachment, and generalized anxiety. With her guidance & support I was able to get closer to the roots of my pain, better understand my issues, and recognize some of the patterns in my life that were keeping me stuck in a negative mental & emotional place.”

The Quiet Teenager Support Group


If you have any interest in learning more, please add your name to the waitlist. I can help you determine if this is right for you and your teenager with no pressure. I would love to have you.

To stay in touch and receive information on how to live well as an Introvert, please sign up.