Parenting a quiet teen can be difficult at times. Some parents feel at a loss as they are unsure what is normal behavior for a quiet person. They can also be confused by high anxiety that seems out of place for the situation.


Parents want to help their kids but are often unsure of what their kids need. In a world that overvalues extroversion, parents can be at a loss as to what is normal for the quieter teens.


To help with this, I offer a 4 session package to help parents so they can better support their quiet teens. A supportive understanding parent can make such a positive impact on the lives of our kids.

Why offer counselling to parents instead of the quiet teens?


What I’ve learned through my years of providing counselling and being a parent myself, is that the better we do, the better our kids do. And I see the strong desire on both the teen and the parent to connect better.


After a session with my quiet teens, I invite the parent(s) in to let them know some of what we talked about. What I often witness is that both the teen and the parent wanting to be closer to each other. I can see it in their eyes, I can see this as one of them leans forward to be just a bit closer, I see this as toe reaches out and taps the other on the leg. I see the strong desire to be connected but that the pathway no longer seems clear.


My belief is that once parents are supported, they will find ways to reconnect with these kids that they love so much.


To help parents reconnect with their quiet kids, I offer a 4 session package.


4 Session Package:


Before this is booked, we will schedule a call to determine if it’s best to offer the parent help or the teen. 


Session One:


In this session an intake will be completed which involves getting an overview of how things are going in the home for the teen and parents. This will include talking about how you are doing as a parent, because you matter too.


Homework will be assigned or emailed to you after the session.


Session Two:


In this session, we will talk about what happens for you as a parent when things aren’t going the way you would like it to for your teen.


Parents sometimes struggle with seeing the importance of this, but the better we are doing, the better our kids will do. And our quiet kids are very observant of us. If they think we are struggling with something, they won’t want to talk to us about their own struggles.


Session Three


In this session, we will review how you are doing in connection with parenting. It will also be a time to ask questions specifically about your quiet teen to gain more guidance and insight.


Session Four


In this session, we will review what changes have happened for you as a parent and the impact you are seeing on your relationship with your teen. We can then decide if more sessions will be helpful.


To discuss this further, please book a free 30 minute consult: