Support for Parenting your Introverted teen


It can sometimes be hard to parent a quiet teen. There are times when you feel connected and other times where you feel like you have no idea of what’s happening for them. 

And it’s hard not to feel connected. It’s not the way you want to parent.

Quiet teens often spend time on their own, but you might wonder; how much is too much time on their own?

And you might worry about the lack of friends, do they have enough?

Introversion is still largely misunderstood which makes parenting a quiet teen feel like guess work.

Quiet teens have different struggles compared to their more extroverted peers but often keep these struggles to themselves.

For parents, it can be tricky to know how they are doing.

In my private practice, I specialize in providing counselling to introverted teens and adults. When I meet with parents, I help them understand the different ways these kids are impacted which can contribute to anxiety, depression, and isolation.

To learn more, feel free to book a consult to see if I can be helpful.




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