Quiet & Overwhelmed to Quiet & Confident

Feel invisible? Feel like no one really knows you?

You have had success at work. You’re committed to your family and always try to be there for them. You treat people with respect and always try to help out others.

On paper, your life looks exactly how you had imagined it. The one thing that hasn’t changed, no matter how hard you try, is that you’re still quiet. 

 You crave time on your own but you don’t follow through because you feel selfish

  • You agree with what others suggest because the thought of conflict can keep you up all night
  • You have tried so hard most of your life not to be quiet and because you haven’t been successful, you feel like a failure
  • You avoid conflict due to the stress it causes you so often are doing things that make others happy but cause you misery
  • You often feel invisible, as if no one really sees you


You are constantly irritated and feel like at any moment you are going to cry or explode. You don’t want to feel like this anymore but really don’t know what to do.

You know that it’s possible for things to get better

You know that you can figure out hard stuff

You know it’s time to do things differently; to walk a different path.

How long have you wished you weren’t introverted?

I get it, I used to feel like that too. I thought the only way to feel good about myself was to essentially be the opposite of who I was. Once I realized that this wasn’t going to happen, I struggled for awhile. 

I’m guessing that you can see the logic in not being able to change your personality but that it may not sound like great news.  But this crazy thing happens- once you stop fighting your introversion, it allows you to decide what works best for you- not following advice that works for others not like you.

That’s why I created: Quiet & Overwhelmed to Quiet & Confident. A process I’ve been refining over the past few years as a therapist for introverts, that I have put into a course format.

Here’s what your life can look like:

  • You are able to move forward in your business/profession and are no longer stopped by anxiety.
  • You make time for yourself doing the things you love- reading, hiking, bird watching, skiing because you rediscovered that you show up so much better for your people when you take care of yourself.
  • You have gained the ability to tolerate disagreements with others and can now voice what you need.
  • You now see your quietness as a unique gift that you use in creative ways in your work.
  • You have made quality connections with others and now feel part of your community


Quiet & Overwhelmed to Quiet & Confident


A 9 module course that will help you replace all those negative thoughts and emotions about being quiet with ones that will move you forward into creating a life and you love.

Say goodbye to feeling inadequate for being quiet because there are so many great things about quiet people.

QUIET & OVERWHELMED TO QUIET & CONFIDENT is all about letting go of negative thinking about being quiet, and moving into a space where you are able to show up confidently as your quiet authentic self!

Here’s what you will get when you purchase Quiet & Overwhelmed to Quiet & Confident:

  • 9 modules each with a topic that relates to introverts
  • Worksheets that help you go deeper into the material
  • An opportunity to work one-on-one with me, where we can further explore the places you have been stuck.

Do You Struggle With:


Making friends


Keeping friends


Opening up to people


Speaking up at work


Being assertive with coworkers


Always feeling on the outside


Feeling invisible


Wishing you weren’t so quiet


Dealing with conflict


Constant self-doubt and over thinking

“Thank you for all of your help over the last year and a half. I know in my heart that I would not be in nearly as positive of a place if it wasn’t for your help and your willingness to work with me.”

-T.J. introverted male

What Makes Quiet Pathways So Different?

Quiet Pathways understands the unique needs and struggles of introverted people dealing with the many expectations to be extroverted. Quiet Pathways offers a solution to address feeling bad about your quietness and offers ways to get on living the life you were meant to live.

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