For Introverts; How to improve communication

Some introverted people feel flawed; that they are lacking some fundamental characteristics. These limiting beliefs make it difficult to connect with others both personally and professionally.


It makes it difficult to share your thoughts.


Sometimes you might even feel that your thoughts don’t matter.


Sometimes you choose not to say anything.


Other times you try to share what you’re thinking and either the words barely come out, or you ramble and can’t seem to get to your point.


And maybe you are noticing how it impacts your relationship with your wife or husband.


And it’s hard to tell your co-workers or manager when you disagree with them or the great idea you’ve been contemplating for months.


And maybe, just maybe you are ready to take some steps to do things differently.


I would be honoured if you trusted me to be your guide in improving communication with others in your life.


As a fellow introvert, and therapist specializing in introversion and highly sensitive people, I have learned why we get stuck with communication and ways to improve this.

What you will learn:


  • Why you get stuck and can’t speak
  • Why you spend so much time agonizing over the ‘right’ thing to say
  • How the way you feel about yourself is directly linked to how you communicate
  • How to change your internal thoughts so you can connect and communicate with the people in your life


If you are ready to learn communication skills that are made for introverted people, I am offering an online live class.


What’s included:

  • 3 classes, 2 hours each (6 hours of class time)
  • Time for questions and answers in each class
  • Worksheets on the different topics to help you go deeper into the material

Cost: $99


Class dates:

June 29, July 6, July 13

Let this be the day that you decide to have voice heard.

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