The Ultimate Formula to Building better Relationships; Introvert Style


For many introverted people it can seem difficult to connect with people, both at home or at work.


You have high standards for yourself and work hard to achieve them. You have accomplished most things you put your mind to when it comes to academics and work, as you have this knack to deeply focus to get things done.


The one area that continues to be a struggle is relationships. Small talk drains you so it feels impossible to build relationships when you stand in awkward silence. You want this to change but aren’t sure how to do it.



  • You see co-workers easily engage in conversation and feel like a failure because you don’t know how to join in the casual conversation.
  • You are invited out after work for drinks but have no energy to go, so when you are there you are completely shut down.
  • Because of all the previous times you have said no, the invites have stopped coming
  • You think about reaching out to friends but feel like you are bothering them so it feels safer to wait for them to contact you.
  • You have spent most of life feeling like the weirdo in any group and you wonder why anyone would want to hang out with you.


 You can’t stop wondering what you are doing wrong, why others seem to connect so easily. You want to make a friend or two because you’re simply tired of being on your own.


I totally get it because I’ve been there. I’ve felt out of place in the classroom, in the staff meeting, and at family dinner. I found ways to keep myself busy so I could ignore my lack of relationships.


Right now, it might not seem possible that things can be different for you because you’ve struggled with this problem for so long. For me, I’ve had a long history of sporadic relationships and have felt so much shame and embarrassment because of this. It stayed like this until I discovered the secret to connecting as an introvert and created the course: The Ultimate Formula to Building Better Relationships; Introvert Style


Here’s what your life can look like with better connections:


  • You have developed conversational skills so if you choose you can engage in conversation with co-workers. This will help improve work relationships and increase job security.
  • You have developed ways to manage your energy, so now you can attend the activities you want both personally and professionally.
  • You have learned ways to manage your social anxiety so it no longer prevents you from reaching out or going to a social event.
  • You have confidence in your relationships so you feel free to reach out and connect.
  • You have found friends that you really like and who like you which means that you have connected with people who you belong with.




The Ultimate Formula to Building Better Relationships; Introvert Style



A self-paced online course that will help you understand what hasn’t worked in relationships and replace with tools that work for introverts to connect with friends and co-workers.


Say goodbye to feeling left out and not knowing what to say. 


THE ULTIMATE FORMULA TO BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS; INTROVERT STYLE is all about all about transitioning on the inside from an awkward introvert to one who is confident in relationships so you can finally build the connections you desire.



 9 lessons to guide you through this transition so you’re not doing this on your own

      • Email support for any questions that you have as you make your way through the course so you don’t stay in a place of overthinking.
      • Worksheets with each lesson to help deepen your understanding of the topics and action steps to take so you see results.
      • A comprehensive understanding of why we get stuck, and how to move past this so you can create the life you want.

Bonus for the Early Bird:


If you purchase by October 30, 2019 you will also have access to my three most popular worksheets. Each worksheet comes with a short video describing key points to help you go deeper with the material.


The Investment: $197



I’ve tried several ways to connect with people, how will this be different?

The difference with this course compared to others is that it offers a strong understanding on how introverts get stuck. This is not a generic course with fluff. This course has been developed by an introvert who works with introverts. 


Why do you talk about work relationships and friends in the same course?

Essentially, relationships are relationships. What we are doing at work, is likely the same thing we are doing in other relationships. Therefore, the information and worksheets will work for both.


If I want more support, what options are there?

If you wanted to receive support from me, this can be done through email support, join my private Facebook group, or booking one-on-one sessions.

If you wanted support locally to where you are, this course will be a great resource to work through with a therapist.


How long will the course take?

To get the most out of this course, I would recommend setting aside a few hours for each module.