Ever have those days when you are always about two seconds away from exploding? You notice that the irritation is louder when you are around people, but it’s still there when you are on your own.

You snap at your partner, you snap at your kids, maybe even your dog. No matter where you go, the irritation is there.

One way to get some relief from the irritation is to withdraw from people, shut them out. In our new world of technology, withdrawing is so easy- pick up your phone, turn on the computer; you are no longer with your people.

When I have felt like this, I described it as sandpaper inside. Constant friction, with little relief.

These days were hard.

I didn’t want to be with anyone but when I was on my own I felt guilty that I wasn’t with my kids or partner.

So the question- why was I so irritated or why might you be so irritated? I’m guessing that you are like me, in that on paper our lives look good. Nice house, a good partner, good job, good income. So what is there to be constantly irritated about?

This is where I connect irritation to introversion. The world tells us to be extroverted and we try and we try or we don’t try and feel bad about it. Either way, there is no winning.

We see the more extroverted people in our lives getting the promotions, getting recognition, being seen. We work just as hard as them, maybe even harder according to new research. But we are often not seen. This is irritating. Once we get to a certain age, the irritation gets louder and louder. This is really understandable.

And there is a solution to this and it comes with understanding all the negative ways introverts are seen as not enough. This is an area that I help my clients work through so they no longer walk through their lives being irritated.

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Tracy, a fellow introvert and therapist, helps introverted people manage anxiety, find success in the workplace, and build better relationships.

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