A frequent question I get asked; is this therapy to talk about being introverted?


The answer is yes and no.


What I offer is an understanding of how a more introverted person deals with:

  • The ending of a relationship
  • High anxiety that is interfering with living a good life
  • Past trauma
  • Issues at work
  • Issues in partner relationship 
  • Issues with friendships
  • And any other reason we seek out counselling


Because we live in a world that overvalues extroversion and undervalues introversion, when a more introverted person shows up for counselling, where they seek to be understood, they might end up with the opposite experience.


So what may happen in a therapy session, is that the introverted person feels a bit invisible.


In therapy sessions with my clients, I offer them a safe place to be their quiet self. I provide a deep understanding as to how introverted people struggle with grief and loss, trauma, work issues, relationship issues.

Often the result for my clients is that they receive help with the current issue, as well as understanding themselves better as an introvert. It’s like two for the price of one!

I initially began to see Tracy to address ongoing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Working with her helped me to identify and work through emotional pain I had related to family relationships, interpersonal & romantic attachment, and generalized anxiety. With her guidance & support I was able to get closer to the roots of my pain, better understand my issues, and recognize some of the patterns in my life that were keeping me stuck in a negative mental & emotional place.
The sessions were always unexpected. I typically went in expecting one thing and walked out gaining something completely different. As someone who likes to control things (and we worked on this together) I would arrive to a session thinking “this is what I need, and if I do this, this is how I will get it from Tracy.” But Tracy’s kind and present demeanor, with her thoughtful questions and ability to hold space, she would end up guiding me to somewhere I didn’t know I needed to go. I always left gaining a new perspective or insight because she asked questions when a question needed to be asked, and gave me (and my thoughts) the space to breathe and be internal when I needed the time to process.