Is this you?

When around others you often feel invisible?

The only time you really feel like yourself is when you’re alone?

You do well in your profession but are often overlooked when new opportunities arise?

Are you curious to see if things can be different?

You’ve been told in countless ways that in order to be happy, you have to stop being quiet, and instead need to be outgoing, enthusiastic, openly share, have lots of friends and connections (aka: be extroverted).

So you tried and tried, and then tried a bit more. But it didn’t work. So you withdrew from the world.

After a while, the loneliness and boredom became too much, so you tried to be outgoing again…and it still didn’t work; you didn’t build lasting connections. So again, you withdrew.

And maybe now you’re at a point where you can’t imagine trying one more time to be extroverted and you know you don’t want to spend one more day being completely on your own.

Why do I know this about you?

Because I went around this loop so many times until about the age of 40 when I discovered I was introverted.

What I learned over time is that introvert problems can’t be solved using extrovert solutions.

If you’re introverted and struggling to shift your life, I can help you with that because I’ve been there, I get it, and I know the pathway out of feeling inadequate due to being quiet.

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